Rewrites and Writer’s Block

Looking back at my work, I know I’ve grown as a writer. The first book of the Aequalitas series is now a rough-draft, and I am rewriting the story.

For those of you that actually liked the plot, have no fear. I’m merely enhancing the story line with better dialogue and more action. I’ll gradually introduce the characters to make it easier to distinguish them by only seeing their names.

If you didn’t like the story line, what are you even doing on my blog?

The rewrite is taking much longer than it should due to the fact that I have been crazily consumed with the task of another story. This one is more on the end of adult, rather than YA, but still possesses the fantasy elements of supernatural creatures and magic existing in the real world.

Also there’s much gore and swearing… Sorry, kids.

I find myself drawn to the idea of revolution. Though, that doesn’t occur until book two of this new series. Book one is an action-packed comedy with dark mystery woven in.

I find myself drifting off into these new worlds in inappropriate times, like in class or while driving. But, of course, as soon as I sit down at the computer, all is lost. I reread everything I’ve written until I hate it. This is my creative process, eating away at any sanity I still possess.

Oh! Has anyone seen the trailer for American Assassin?? I heard Dylan O’Brien was cast as a lead role, and decided to see it in theaters this fall. Because I’m a dedicated bookworm, I checked out Vince Flynn’s book of the same name to finish before seeing the movie. All I can say is that September can’t come soon enough!

What are some other good books? I’m always looking for new material. Even unpublished/ fan-written bits. Leave comments below!


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